Depositphotos Coupon Code: Tips for Sellers

Depositphotos does not only serve buyers, it also caters to sellers. It accepts vectors, illustrations and JPEG files. To become a contributor, you need to register or create an account with the website. It also allows uploading of images using FTP. Just provide your username, password and the FTP address: Here are other things you need to know if you want to become a contributor.

Requirements for Uploaded Images

If you want to be a contributor, you need to know the requirements for uploaded images.

  • The image should be in JPEG.
  • It should have a minimum resolution of 3.4MP or 2400 x 1600.
  • It should not exceed 50MB.
  • It should be credited in English.
  • The files should not include modifications.
  • Make sure you are the author.
  • Everyone included in the photos should sign a Modelís Release.
  • It should not contain logos, emblems and other recognizable copyright properties.
  • It should not include constructions protected by intellectual property rights.

What images will never be accepted?

Do you want your images to be accepted in Depositphotos library? If you do want to see your images uploaded in the website, you do not only need to know the requirements for uploaded images. You also need to familiarize yourself with the doníts of the uploading these images.

  • Depositphotos do not accept images of violence, obscenity and abuse.
  • It does not accept photographs of photographs.
  • It does not accept images with logos, trade names and trademarks.
  • It does not accept images protected by copyright, patents and intellectual property rights.
  • It does not accept images with subjects of contemporary arts.
  • It does not accept images with design elements protected by copyright.
  • It does accept images on the base of magazines, archive pictures, reproductions and many more.
  • It does not accept images with visible personal information, current maps, computer monitors, etc.
  • Images should not include symbols and attributes of military, power and government.
  • Studio shootings should include Modelís Release.
  • No images with events where taking pictures is prohibited.

Aside from these unacceptable attributes of images, Depositphotos also do not accept photos that are below the stock photo agencyís standards. You can upload as many images as possible as long as you adhere to the requirements. Do so and you will start earning the highest sales rewards.

Depositphotos Coupon Code

Depositphotos does not only cater to sellers but to buyers as well. It also offers rewards to its customers through Depositphotos coupon codes, which help them save money from buying stock images. If you are particularly in need of more than one photo a day, you will greatly benefit from the long-term rewards the discounts offer. Just make sure that you are getting an active Depositphoto coupon from a reputable website.

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